KPRU Smart Boy & Girl 2018


      Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University by the International Relations and ASEAN Affairs Office, Faculty of Management Science and Faculty of Industrial Technology had organized a KPRU Smart Boy & Girl 2018 Program, an international exchange program for students to UniKL MITEC in Johor Bahru, Malaysia during May 5th16th, 2018. There was a total of 37 selected students participated in the program.

      There were many activities during the exchange program started with the orientation and welcoming party by Prof. Rayners WS Tan from UniKL MITEC.

      Throughout the program, KPRU students had intensively learnt how to communicate in Englishthrough many teaching methods by the experts as well as from their buddies which provided by the host university. The students would be able to utilize their English skills such like speaking, reading, writing and listening during activities.

      Furthermore, Ms. Benchamaporn Mangklatheep and Mr. Setthawut Boonyarak, 2 of the KPRU students had participated in the Voice Competition which organized by UniKL MITECand left many good impressions to the hosts.

Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Executives in Kunming, China


      KPRU Executives led by Assoc. Prof. Suwit Wongboonmak, president went to visit Kunming, China during March 26-31, 2018. The Executive other than Mr. President consisted of Assoc. Prof. Wisit Thanyavun, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Suntri Doangtipya, Asst. Prof. Pichayon Sirisatianwattana, Dr. Kamonwat Phuwichit, Ms. Chadaporn Chotiradapa, international relations, Ms. Xu Jiajin andMiss Meng students from Thai Language Program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

     The aims of this visit were to strengthen the relationship between KPRU and university partners as well as negotiate the academic cooperation and publicize the international admission to Chinese students which is one of the policies of KPRU in order to be recognized at the international stage.

     For this visit, KPRU was greeted by Vocational College of Tourism, Honghe University, Thai Study Center, Yunnan University and Kunming International School. All of the negotiation parties agree to have academic relations in the near future as well as to develop the relationship in to another area of interest.

     During this occasion, KPRU paid a courtesy call on Kunming Council General in order to receive recommendation of sustainable academic cooperation in Kunming.