Dormitory Services

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     Dormitories have been prepared for Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University's students in order to efficiently support their education, learn how to socialize, and do activities together for developing themselves to be a perfect graduate, including knowledge, intelligence, physical health, emotional well being, personality and social ability. Dormitories can accommodate students for affordable amounts.

1. Inthanin For males
2. Kajeerat For females
3. Tri Teung For females
4. Amphawan For females
5. Parichat For females
6. Bhuddharaksa For females

Students who desire to live at these dormitories, can register at the dormitory department which will open on the date that students present themselves. The fee is about 2,000 Baht per term.

Welfare within a Dormitory
1. Bedding accessories such as a bed, mattress (students should bring their own bed sheet and pillowcase themselves)
2. Wardrobe
3. Cleaning tools
4. Electric fan, TV, cold water dispenser
5. A lecturer who is responsible for each dormitory and gives advice for students