University Collaboration

Research Collaboration

  1. To be a participatory host in the 5th Rajabhat Research National Conference which is the collaborative research networks among 38 Rajabhat Universities.
  2. To be a participatory host in the 4th Pibulsongkram Research National Conference during 22 - 23 March 2018 in conjunction with research and innovation exhibitions plus oral and poster presentations by KPRU researchers
  3. To work in collaboration with Office of Commercial Affairs Kamphaengphetto extensivelyutilize research outputs and innovations to communities
  4. To be a part of research ethics networks under the supervision of Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand


Art and CulturalCollaboration

Under the conduction of the Art and Cultural Center, Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University, collaborative works with several organizations and MOUs have been in a massive progress. The exemplars include:

  1. A collaborative network with the Art and Cultural Center, Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand from 2015 to 2019
  2. International Conference Committee along with Thailand University Art and Culture Networks from 17 universities
  3. MOU with the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) in the aspects of knowledge dissemination and sustainable tourism development from 2018 to 2020


Community Academic Service Collaboration


One of Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University Missions is to support local communities. A number of academic services for communities has been operated for years, examples as followed:

  1. The development of participatory community tourist attraction maps applying GIS technology in Klonglan District, Kamphaengphet
  2. English camps for communities
  3. Dissemination of knowledge related to Thai language for local communities
  4. Academic service projects related to health and public health for local communities
  5. Academic service projects related to local architecture conservation
  6. Academic service projects related to business engagementin digital age
  7. Village development for tourism participated by the local communities
  8. Academic service projects related to knowledge integration with jewel and accessories by the Center of Jewel Study and Development
  9. The sustainable skill development of Myanmar language for communities
  10. The Center of skill standard and test development for electricians


Academic Networks

The examples of collaborative networks with Kamphaengphet local communities and organizations under the conduction of the Center of Academic Service and Raising Revenue as followed:

  1. Trai Trueng Subdistrict Administration Organization
  2. Nongluang Subdistrict Administration Organization
  3. Tah Khunram Subdistrict Administration Organization
  4. Trai Trueng Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital
  5. Local communities in Rahan Subdistrict
  6. Local communities in Thung Photalae Subdist
  7. Local communities in Ban Paka Subdistrict