Military Service

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Students who need to request for the postponement of military recruitment must possess the following qualifications:
1. Never studied military training
2. Previously studied from other institutes
3. Previously studied military training, but not completed the third year, but are obliged to join the military recruitment at the age of 20 years.

Students have to do the following procedure:
1. Submit the excessive troop document (สด.9) or the residency transfer document (สด. 10) to the Student Affairs Division in September.
2. Receive the calling in duty document from a provincial recruitment officer in December every year.
3. Appear before the recruitment officer on the time, date, and place mentioned in the calling in duty document with the following attached documents.
     3.1 Student ID. Card
     3.2 The excessive troop document (สด.9)
     3.3 The calling in duty document
     3.4 ID. Card
     3.5 Postponement letter from the Student Affairs Division