Scholarship Services

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         Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University has a scholarship service for giving students a loan in order to spend for their education and necessary living expenses during a study. The scholarships are divided as follows.
         1. Onetime payment scholarships; they are from many donors such as associations, foundations, banks, companies, corporations, general people, that assign the university to select a proper university student suitable for the scholarship.

This scholarship has also been divided into 2 types; they are a gradual payment scholarship that is paid until a student graduates and a complete scholarship that is paid for each term. There are an uncertain amount of these scholarships and students who get them each year. The selection process considers from the standards and conditions as established by the donor. These scholarships are;

  • - Nai Hang Rong Poon Foundation's Scholarship
  • - Kuwanant Foundation's Scholarship
  • - Toshiba's Scholarship
  • - The Government Lottery Office's scholarship
  • - Thai City Electric Co., Ltd. Scholarship
  • - Siam Cement's Scholarship
  • - SET's scholarship
  • - Etc.

          2. Income contingent Loans (ICL): Thai government provides an Income Contingent Loans to support students' education from diploma certificate to higher education.
Those who are interested in university scholarships and ICL, contact Students Affairs Division by telephone at: 0-5570-6555 ext. 1122
Students who would like to apply for the scholarship must possess the following qualifications:
1. Be a regular student studying for a degree at undergraduate level and lacking financial support.
2. Have good conduct certified in writing by his/her advisor.
3. Be diligent and able to complete courses.
Scholarship for working students: Scholarship for students who work in any department of the university.
Emergency Loan: Students can borrow 500 baht from the Consultant Fund in case of an emergency, returning the money to the university in two installments during 60 days without interest.